What you did in 2012

Here is a quick summary of what you guys did on YourPort in 2012. Well done everyone!

a HUGE thank you from the YourPort Team, we are already looking forward to 2013.

How to open a specific website (for example, yourport.com) on a new tab in Chrome and Firefox

With the changing times we sometimes fail to notice small changes around us. If you remember the good old versions of our favorite browsers, be it Chrome, Firefox or IE, opening a new tab in them either opened a blank page or a specific website automatically. Today these browsers have emerged with a full-fledged new tab page that contains links to our most viewed pages along with their thumbnails and what not.

Though this full-featured is useful, many of us here at Yourport missed the simplicity of getting a frequently visited site like Google on the new tab. And unfortunately, reverting back to that setting is not a straight-forward process in the latest version of most browsers.

If you are using Chrome or Firefox as your default browser you can follow these steps to open a specific website automatically whenever you open a new tab. For IE 8 users, we covered it in an article here.

For Chrome Users

Step 1: Download and install Replace New Tab Page from Chrome Web Store. It’s a nifty plugin that easily replaces your new tab page with a specific website.

Step 2: Once the add-on is installed successfully it’s now time to configure it. Open Chrome extension manager by clicking the wrench button and selecting extensions located under Tools. You can also type chrome://extensions/ on the address bar to get the same.

Step 3: Find the add-on ‘Replace New Tab Page’ in the list and click on options.

Step 4: When you are on ‘Replace New Tab Page’ Options page enter URL of any webpage that you would like to open instead of default new tab page in the provided box and click save. We suggest making this http://yourport.com/ :)

From now on whenever you open a new tab in your browser the designated webpage will open automatically.

For Firefox Users

Step 1: For Firefox too you need an add-on to do the trick. Download and install NewTabURL by clicking ‘Install now’ on the link.

Step 2: Once you restart your browser after installing the add-on, navigate to Extensions manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+A anywhere on Firefox and then click on the options button of the NewTabURL Extension.

Step 3: On the options window select ‘User defined URL’ to open whenever you open a new tab in Firefox.

To test if the plugin works or not, open a new tab and check. If the new tab opens the specified webpage it means the plugin is working perfectly fine. To get your old new tab page back disable or uninstall the add-on.

Control how Yourport opens your bookmarks

Quick update……….We have now added the option to control how you can open opens your bookmarks. You can now either open a site in a new tab in your browser or open it in the same tab. go to http://yourport.com/settings_sitesettings.html to update your settings.

What the Future holds for YourPort

After releasing the first public version, we’ve been giving much thought to where we should go next. Besides improving the overall user experience, we want to improve the usefullness of the site. And the feedback of you, early users, has been very important.

We decided that, for the following months, we will focus on these features:

• Ability to browse and use other peoples pages
• Suggested sites based on your interests
• Random site options based on your interests
• Integrate social networking into Ports
• Category based pre-made Ports
• Make ports private
• Create collaborative ports
• Login or create an account using social networking sites

Other things we also have in mind, but won’t focus right now:

• Mobile applications
• Widgets

Feel free to let us know what you think of these, or better still, let us know if you have any yourselves by adding them on our user feedback page.

Yourport versus Chrome

Most people have heard of and used Chrome’s homepage and after hearing about Yourport have wondered what the differences are between the two. Good question, as on the surface they look a little similar after all.

Many of Chrome’s restrictions are let free in Yourport, here is how.

  • Whilst Chrome can only display thumbnails of the websites you have visited the most, Yourport is all about the flexibility of adding any website you like, but more importantly, any content you like.
  • YourPort is not just about assessing your favourite websites quickly, its also about discovery. Yourport lets you unearth news sites that you may not have known even existed. Our team spend countless hours crawling the internet looking for new sites that we think are good enough for our database.
  • Sport, food, technology, everyone has an interest? Create a Port with all your stuff so you can easily find it, then share it with others. Better still, discover what other user have created.
  • Browse without restrictions. We feel that you shouldn’t be restricted to searching on the internet with just one type of browser as every type of browser has their advantages and disadvantages. Yourport allows you to easily jump between any search engine on the fly.
  • Agreed, there are some similarities between the two services but we think Yourport is much easier to use and is less confusing. but that’s just out opinion, make it your homepage for a day and see if you agree.

    5 Little Yourport Improvements


    Usually we only blog about BIG features, but actually we spend lots of time making many smaller refinements. For every big change on Yourport, there are literally dozens of little tweaks and experiments. We hope that these little improvements all add up to make Yourport a lot better experience. Here are 5 little changes from the last few weeks that we’re especially excited about:

    Import your bookmarks : If you have bookmarked any sites in your browser, you can now automatically import them all onto your yourport homepage. Click the ‘import my bookmark button to begin.

    Select from a list of website: Lots of you told us that you want to be able to browse sites from a list of popular ones, and we agreed. You can now easily add sites to your homepage from the quick-list page.

    Remove all your Yourport settings: Want to remove all your settings and start again? Click the remove all my setting from yourport button. Simple but effective!

    Share everything: We have made it easier for you to share your tabs so that all your friends can now enjoy your sites. Click ‘share’ from the tab’s drop down-list or select the ‘share this tab’ button on your homepage.

    Layout is everything: Since yourport is all about being personal, it only made sense to let you decide how it looks. you can now decide what is displayed on your homepage by adjusting the site settings on the settings page. We are now looking to add personalized themes and color settings.

    Have an idea for a little improvement? You should let us know: ideas (at) yourport (dot) com.

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