5 Little Yourport Improvements


Usually we only blog about BIG features, but actually we spend lots of time making many smaller refinements. For every big change on Yourport, there are literally dozens of little tweaks and experiments. We hope that these little improvements all add up to make Yourport a lot better experience. Here are 5 little changes from the last few weeks that we’re especially excited about:

Import your bookmarks : If you have bookmarked any sites in your browser, you can now automatically import them all onto your yourport homepage. Click the ‘import my bookmark button to begin.

Select from a list of website: Lots of you told us that you want to be able to browse sites from a list of popular ones, and we agreed. You can now easily add sites to your homepage from the quick-list page.

Remove all your Yourport settings: Want to remove all your settings and start again? Click the remove all my setting from yourport button. Simple but effective!

Share everything: We have made it easier for you to share your tabs so that all your friends can now enjoy your sites. Click ‘share’ from the tab’s drop down-list or select the ‘share this tab’ button on your homepage.

Layout is everything: Since yourport is all about being personal, it only made sense to let you decide how it looks. you can now decide what is displayed on your homepage by adjusting the site settings on the settings page. We are now looking to add personalized themes and color settings.

Have an idea for a little improvement? You should let us know: ideas (at) yourport (dot) com.

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