Yourport versus Chrome

Most people have heard of and used Chrome’s homepage and after hearing about Yourport have wondered what the differences are between the two. Good question, as on the surface they look a little similar after all.

Many of Chrome’s restrictions are let free in Yourport, here is how.

  • Whilst Chrome can only display thumbnails of the websites you have visited the most, Yourport is all about the flexibility of adding any website you like, but more importantly, any content you like.
  • YourPort is not just about assessing your favourite websites quickly, its also about discovery. Yourport lets you unearth news sites that you may not have known even existed. Our team spend countless hours crawling the internet looking for new sites that we think are good enough for our database.
  • Sport, food, technology, everyone has an interest? Create a Port with all your stuff so you can easily find it, then share it with others. Better still, discover what other user have created.
  • Browse without restrictions. We feel that you shouldn’t be restricted to searching on the internet with just one type of browser as every type of browser has their advantages and disadvantages. Yourport allows you to easily jump between any search engine on the fly.
  • Agreed, there are some similarities between the two services but we think Yourport is much easier to use and is less confusing. but that’s just out opinion, make it your homepage for a day and see if you agree.

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