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Dear YourPorters and Friends,

When we first opened YourPort in 2010, we knew that the site would evolve over time, yet we have always remained adamant that the site would both remain free and would never be covered with obtrusive advertising that plague many other sites. Our only aim is to provide a free, easy to use site that simplifies your time on the internet.

Fortunately, we are extremely thankful that our users (YourPorters) also appreciate these values, and because of this, Yourport has become very popular over a short period of time. We receive a great deal of moral support from users all around the world. However, sadly the reality is that for this site to continue to develop it has got to the point where it now needs monetary support. As it is stands, the site has no means of income and therefore the development of new features that would enhance the site are very slow to develop. We have the option to add advertising to the site but we determined not to do this as we know adverts will retract from fundamental purpose of the site........which is to make using the internet as simple and as pleasant for the user.

So alternatively, we ask for your support to help keep the site the way it was intended. If you find the site to be useful, and want to see it continue, please consider donating using the button at the top of the page.


Thank you for your constant support,


Lee and Dean McKeown,

Founders of


why donate?

• Recognition – Your name and website (optional) will be added to our tweets, blog and Facebook page. We will share these lists including your website name and logo every time a new donation is received.

• Know that your contribution is making a pivotal difference in the development of this service.

• No fat cat wages – 100% of your contribution goes solely into the development of the site.

• It will help keep advertisement such as pop-ups and GoogleAds to a minimal.

• It will help keep the site a completely free to use service.


how will your donation be spent?

• Faster servers – as the site grows we need to upgrade server speed and quality to keep up with the ever growing demand for the site. This is our main priority at the moment as the current servers are now grinding to a halt. Not that we are complaining as this mean the site is increasing with popularity.

• Web design - As both of us are not specialists in creating websites now and again we need a little help from experts that are. You donation will help toward the cost of a programmer or a designer for a day that are essential to adding new features to the site.


donating by other means

If you wish to donate by Cheque, please e-mail us for further details.


Thank you all,


The Yourport Team.

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